Transform Your Smile: A Comprehensive Guide to Dental Care in Mexico for Canadians and Americans

Are you from Canada or the United States and looking for dental care in Mexico? You are in the right place, here is everything you need to know before making the decision to travel to Mexico. Costs, flights, treatment schedule, security, financing, guarantees etc..

Many of our patients are looking for a radical change, either because they don’t like their smile, or because they lost it due to some traumatic event in their life that irrevocably affects their self-esteem and the opportunities they face in their daily lives. personal relationships. for work etc. Or for health and they consider other options to make or fix this change, which also increases the high cost of dental care in their home country..

You must be wondering if it is a good idea to travel to Mexico. We can tell you that Tijuana is one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world, in fact recent studies show that on average 1 million Canadians and 4 million US citizens. visit a dentist at the Tijuana border every year and roughly triple the number of US citizens for the same reason. Dental tourism on this continent offers Canadian and American visitors not only the best value for money, but in many cases the same quality of dental care as in the United States.

Reasons to come to Mexico with dental tourism.

  1. The high cost of dental care in Canada and the United States.
  2. Some clinics do not provide health insurance.
  3. Long wait times in your country to get the dental care you need.

Time is a very important factor, faster does not mean lower quality, dentists in Tijuana are used to slightly different dentistry. The large number of foreign patients made dental processes more careful and helped to introduce the latest technology, to perform dental treatments such as dental implants in Mexico, all with four dental implants in Mexico, veneers, full mouth reconstruction. in less time with truly incredible results, as you will see if you continue reading this article. With the emergence of these topics, dental tourism in Mexico is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Latin America today. Even from year to year, the number of patients traveling abroad for dental treatment is increasing significantly.

Why Tijuana?

As we have seen before, hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans choose Mexico for dental treatment every year, the pleasant climate of California is different from the cold of Canada or some parts of the United States. Renowned Dr. Valorie Crooks, Research Fellow in the Medical Tourism Group at Simon Fraser University, commented, “There is a very strong word of mouth network when it comes to medical treatment for Canadians abroad.” Anyone who wants to apply to become a dentist in another country is also advised to do as much research as possible and have contingency plans in case something goes wrong. In this guide, we try to help you see all the possible scenarios that will make your dental treatment successful.

Choosing your dentist in Tijuana?

Due to the high costs of local dentists, the decision to travel to Mexico for major dental procedures should be considered. If you are at this point, you are probably wondering if it is safe to visit a dentist in Tijuana. An important aspect that many Canadians pay attention to is the safety of the city. There is a lot of talk about whether Tijuana is a safe city. Fortunately, many patient stories who have visited this part of Mexico agree that Tijuana is much safer for a dental tourist than other Mexican tourist destinations. The cost of living in Tijuana is much lower than in Canada or the United States, so dental prices are. lower Operating and maintenance costs are lower and this has a positive effect on the reduction of dental prices in Mexico. Tijuana, being a border city with San Diego, has many advantages not only in terms of moving from city to city, but also logistically in terms of materials, technologies, etc. Its proximity to the United States and California ensures constant first-class material and access to the latest information in modern dentistry.

If you are from Canada or the United States and are researching dental options in Mexico, here are the following:

Dentist Credentials:

One of the first things to check is to make sure your dentist is properly licensed and qualified. Similarly, more invasive treatments such as dental implants in Mexico, all 4 dental implants, dentures, root canals, require additional skills to ensure treatment. The specialty of implants, root canals, etc. can have a major impact. Unfortunately, general dentists, such as in the United States, are willing to perform all kinds of dental procedures without the necessary training to perform them. Checking that your dentist in Tijuana meets the right requirements for the treatment you will receive is a factor that can decide if your dental care in Mexico is the best.

Check that the estimates they give you don’t have hidden prices:

Although it is true that a patient’s treatment plan can be determined remotely. The size of the dental treatment can be estimated, it is very important that you can help by providing photos, some tests like x-rays. Since the trip is long, a virtual consultation with a dentist before the trip can solve many doubts. These factors will help you get as close to a treatment plan as possible. Remember you are traveling from Canada, don’t underestimate the details and not underestimating them will save you money and most importantly save you time.

Tijuana Dental prices vs EU and Canadá Price:

Before touching on the price, there is one important detail to consider. If you are traveling for treatment that involves surgery, such as dental implants, remember that you will not be on vacation. In fact, one of the most important precautions you should take after surgery is to avoid sun exposure. swollen mouth after surgery, the heat of the sun only worsens your condition (pain, inflammation that occurs in all surgeries). We comment on this detail if you are looking for a beach destination in Mexico for your dental treatment, especially if you will have this type of procedure.

Certainly, price is the main attraction that visitors from Canada and the United States consider Mexico, and especially Tijuana, as their main destination for dental care. Inflation and high insurance costs make Tijuana a prime destination for dental tourism. Let’s take a look at the price comparisons of the most requested medical services on this side of the border:

We cite FAIR’s health resource ( where you can see a comparison of US dental costs (Costs in Canada vary slightly and Canada-US exchange rates are a benchmark, the value is consistently higher in Canada)

For example, the cost of a crown is $ 1800-2200 compared to the 499 regularly found at a Tijuana clinic, if you take for example a partial smile change that includes 8 units, we are talking about saving up to 13k.

Another highly requested treatment is full mouth rehabilitation with implants called All on 4. In the US or Canada, just the fixed final prosthesis (not including implants, braces, x-rays, 3D scans, etc.) costs 8824 dll same portal as reference and in Tijuana this money can cover full arch rehabilitation. Ask about our All on 4 One launch.

For more pricing references, visit:

Revisa Los Reviews

This is another point to consider. What the clinic says, the clinic says, but what do the patients of this clinic say? This is really important. Testimonials written by the patients themselves, video comments, etc. can give us a better idea of ​​the clinic we want for our smile makeover.

After these starting points, you are ready to choose which dental clinic in Mexico is suitable. for you you When making the decision you’re looking for, it’s good to consider other aspects like the ones you see below.

Preparing Your Trip for Your Dental Work in Mexico

How long will it take to get there? How can I come to the clinic if I don’t know anything about Tijuana? What should I bring? These and other questions are surely already on your mind. A big advantage of traveling to Tijuana, as opposed to other Mexican destinations, is the proximity to San Diego (10 minutes from San Diego airport to Tijuana) and for example, the average round trip flight from Vancouver to San Diego is about 550.00 USD, Portland to San Diego is about $178.00 USD (a flight to San Diego, for example, is much cheaper fox; the same flight from Portland to Cancun is about $514.00 USD). Some clinics offer transportation from the San Diego airport to Tijuana. There are few of them, but this service is worth using, even more if we travel with cash, it is much safer, remember the details.

Of course, if you are going for an important trip, you have already checked the prices, it also helps that the clinic you are going to has “All Inclusive” packages that have the advantage of combined treatment and overnight stay inside a hotel.

Ask Magda what a Canadian and American needs to travel to Tijuana.

That’s it, you’re almost ready for your trip. Since you have considered some important points, the trip has a good chance of success. You should be worried and expect a radical change in your smile.

Welcome to Mexico!! You’re already 30% advanced on your way. Now the important thing is to corroborate your expectations with the doctor of your chosen Clinic.

For patients undergoing complex treatment such as quadrupeds, full mouth reconstruction, smile makeovers, the clinic of your choice will usually provide you with all options for transportation, accommodation, etc. It is very important to disclose yours during the first visit. expectations, fears, talk to your concierge and your dentist will help remove any doubts about your treatment and help the dental team provide you with the best options for your case. Remember that each person has their own expectations, each patient needs a personalized plan. Check options, costs and financing options (usually the established clinic is connected to US financing partners, some of which are covered in Canada). This is where it is very important to see your payment options. Financing may seem attractive at times, but it can be a headache in the long run, your plan may have payment options that you have not considered, discuss these options with your guardian.

Once you have decided and agreed to treatment, plan, read your warranty carefully (time for treatment), they vary depending on the procedure being done, it is very important to check your warranty in writing and see what it covers and what you need to do to make it valid. , following its instructions will put you at ease about the dental treatment you are undergoing, but also help keep your restoration as long as possible.

The day of your dental treatment in Tijuana

This is where big changes begin. You have to come from another country with many fears, trust us, we completely understand. Dentistry in this part of the country is very different from the rest of Mexico. Time is of the essence for our patients, the machine must be well oiled, the internal processes of the clinic must be well coordinated to meet the expected deadlines. Appointments will be made based on the type of procedure you are requesting. For more demanding treatments such as All on 4, Full Mouth, it is very common for us to give it a higher priority (this does not mean that others do not), but in these cases we try to schedule as few patients as possible. so that our team can fully focus on you commit to the procedure. Transportation to hotels, airports, clinics, rehabilitation operations and countless cases help us achieve the perfect timing, commitment and effort.

Tiempos All has 4:

Magda here put estimated times of all on 4 traditional, immediate, crowns, veneres, root canal, implants

Back home

Depending on the type of treatment you choose, you may not come back. It is important to follow all the recommendations of the Tijuana dental team. Smile 4 Ever Mexico or the clinic of your choice will assist you with travel planning and transportation to the airport. It’s time to enjoy your new smile and why not a new start in life. Smile changes change lives. But the most important thing is that you feel really good about yourself, and that, along with a fearless smile, will bring about the radical change you are looking for. Good luck, hope to see you soon at Tia Juana…!

Here I will put patient cases, videos and images.

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