Harnessing the power of technology

Supply chain is the core of commerce, from getting groceries to our stores to deliveries to homes, the trucking industry is the vital cog of global commerce. Technology is rapidly transforming the facing of the trucking industry and it is just well characterized by innovation and adaptation as shippers, drivers and vendors continue to keep up with the changing face of the market that is driven largely by customer demands, regulatory requirements, and sustainability goals. 

Technological advanced in Trucking technology are paving the way for futuristic use of Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology connecting shippers to drivers to helpdesks and using of Internet of Things (IoT). 

The last mile concept of expedited trucking could soon be replaced by Nitro expedite app, created by Asher. “Consider this to be Uberization of expedited trucking on steroids”. Empowering the shipper and drivers means technology is being used to create win-win solutions for all, said Vikrant Asher Vikrant Asher, a luminary in this technological renaissance who is rapidly developing technology to fulfil this niche market. 

The power of technology

Vikrant has been aggressively involved in expedited trucking and uses his international experience to bring technology that the industry is quickly adapting to, from bidding rate per mile to access to documents on the mobile application. 

The trucking industry generate a humongous volume of data and Vikrant’s application is diligently using AI to generate the analytics that are driving decision makers to move ahead with strategic business decisions Integrating the telematics systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices is a growing trend, empowering trucking companies to optimize on both warehoused or real-time data on critical parameters like driver and vehicle performance, weigh bridge communication, weather and road conditions and much more.

 “This data is crucial to allow businesses to move ahead”, Vikrant mentioned in the interview. In the data-rich realm of trucking that the industry finds itself in today, Vikrant’s skills are allowing for harnessing the power of data. Many more features like fuel management, electric vehicle control and management, driver assistance systems are work in progress. The systems needed an overhaul, and it is optimizing technology more than ever before.

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